Kingz Court Autism Center offers ABA services to children with autism or related developmental disabilities in and around Fayetteville, GA. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about Kingz Court and how we can help your child reach their fullest potential.

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Our Vision & Mission

Kingz Court ABA Services

Our vision is to make Autism something that people understand and are aware of within our communities. Kingz Court Autism Center desires to apply ABA services to focus on serving those with autism and preparing them with life skills. Through environmental development and changes to the perception of behaviors, we can help those in need. Kingz Court Autism creates different ways to apply Applied Behavior Analysis through a system of in home and within a center therapy to the autistic families we serve.


Kingz Court Autism Center, Inc. provides individualized, scientifically-based treatment for children with autism and related disabilities. The KCAC’s treatment care is based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) utilizing B.F. Skinner’s research in Verbal Behavior (VB). We maximize the potential of persons who are affected by autism or other developmental disabilities by providing intensive instruction in the areas of behavior, social skills, and communication. We motivate our clients through skill-building activities and interventions providing them with the life skills they need to operate in their living environments. We use strategic data collection supporting our superior assistance programming for autistic individuals under our care. Kingz Court Autism Center operates all-year around in Fayetteville, Georgia.

Jeromy King / CEO 

Jeromy King is a published author, coach, pastor, certified counselor, and owner of Kingz Court Autism Center, an independently owned and operated ABA service provider of Hi-5 ABA. He has 20+ years of experience as a professional working and advocating for mental health adolescents and adult patients. Jeromy has a wealth of experience and knowledge in behavioral analysis, counseling, curriculum building, and youth mentorship. He is an advocate for mental health, providing case management while overseeing treatment plans. Jeromy is currently enrolled in a master’s degree program for Applied Behavioral Analysis.

During Jeromy’s journey towards owning his own practice, he worked in many clinics and companies that provided services for those who were diagnosed with autism. While working at Bennett’s Mill Middle School, Jeromy was recognized by the Fayette County Board of Education for demonstrating exemplary work for his dedication to the Special Needs Program. Jeromy has dedicated his life to helping children in need of behavior development. It has always been his belief that teaching a child how to thrive early in life will increase the likelihood of their success long term.

Jeromy King is a husband and father of four wonderful children. He believes in giving the generation to come a chance to fulfill their dreams.

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